Breakdown & Repair

Sometimes AC breakdowns come out of nowhere, other times they are 100% preventable from a good service regime. At Thaw Ltd we can handle all situations for you. If you have an AC system in need of fixing or servicing please get in touch using our contact page, or by calling us on 0800 689 1726.

Common AC reasons for Breakdown


1 – Lack of Servicing
Just as you would keep your car serviced, it is vital to service your AC to ensure it performs to the best of its ability. Lack of servicing creates unnecessary strain on your AC system and inevitably causes breakdowns. Please get in touch to set up regular service visits.

2 – Refrigerant Leakages
AC systems use different types of refrigerants as a media for heat and coolth exchange. One reason for your AC not working is down to a refrigerant leak. It is not as simple as purely topping your system up with extra refrigerant. It requires fault finding to find the leak and repairing before topping up.

3 – Incorrect Thermostat Location
Predominantly found on ducted systems, an incorrectly located thermostat can cause false readings and as a result affect the operation of the system. Our engineers can diagnose this and relocate or reset the reading location to fix the issue.

4 – Compressor Failure
An important part of all AC systems is the compressor. Its function is to change the pressure of the gas in the system to concentrate its heat as well as propelling the gas to the condenser coils. If the compressor fails it will result in warm air being produced in summer months.

5 – Water Leaking or Pooling
If you see water leaking or pooling from your AC system, this could be a result of a blocked drain hose or pump failure. Any water leakage can be dangerous around electrical items and you should call one of our engineers immediately.

There are numerous breakdown issues that may arise from your AC system and Thaw Ltd are on hand to overcome any issue you may have.

Get in touch if you notice anything not right about your AC system.

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