Commercial Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning in the commercial environment has long been the standard specification. Considering the amount of time we spend at work, it seems silly not to ensure that the environment is comfortable to establish peak productivity and employee/customer happiness.

Types of Commercial Air Conditioning

Single room applications
Small, medium and large applications

All Commercial Buildings

We can offer multi manufacturer chiller options to suit any need.
Server room air conditioning
At Thaw we have the ability and experience to offer the benefits of server room AC. Especially with the current landscape that COVID-19 brings, remote working and the need for IT equipment as increased dramatically. With this brings the need for extra servers and IT Cooling requirement. Thaw are on hand to offer the solution.

Cellar Cooling

Our engineers at Thaw have vast experience when it comes to Cellar room cooling for some incredible collections across the country. If you need a new install or a repair, please do not hesitate to get in touch with an engineer today.
Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery, MVHR (Also in ventilation page please)
Ventilation is currently at the forefront of the world’s mind. Indoor Air Quality, IAQ couldn’t be more Important in commercial buildings, to combat COVID-19 and also increase productivity of employees. There are a huge variety of options on the market and Thaw can navigate you through the best option for you.

Different Air Conditioning Systems.

Split System of a single indoor unit connected to a single outdoor condenser. These are great for residential and small commercial applications.


Multi-Split systems offer multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor unit. These are great for residential, small and Medium commercial applications.
Cassette air conditioning
Cassette systems are very popular in commercial applications, as instead of being wall mounted, they are ceiling mounted instead.

Variable Refrigerant Volume or Flow VRV and VRF

VRV/VRF systems are a great solution for large building applications. These offer as many as 50 indoor units on a single outdoor unit. They come in two form, Heat Pump, which works in either Heating or Cooling at any one time and Heat Recovery, which can perform both functions, in different areas of the building, at the same time.


Commercial Roof Condensers
Ceiling Commercial Air Conditioning Units

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